COMING March 2011 : Ministry of Pandemonium

Even the dead need heroes. Now they've found one.

Cover illustration: Jim Kay

Who is Mr October? Newly arrived in a sweltering London, Ben Harvester is on his own, so he decides to explore Highgate cemetery with his sketch pad in hand. But his day takes a strange turn when he meets the elderly Mr October who seems to know more about Ben and his family than he should. Ben's world slowly turns upside down as Mr October, who may be an angel, a demon, or both, gives him a new purpose... a very dangerous one where evil can overcome good all too quickly when someone dies. Ministry of Pandemonium is brilliantly plotted and paced, racing to a horrific denouement which is nothing short of nail-biting. – The Marsh Agency, 2010

Ministry of Pandemonium will be published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books in March 2011. Pre-order it from Amazon here.