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Ministry of Pandemonium

Winner of the North East Book Award 2012

Cover copy:
When Ben Harvester meets the mysterious Mr October in Highgate Cemetery, nothing could have prepared him for the strange and dramatic turn his life is about to take. Soon Mr October is leading him towards his true calling - his work at the Ministry of Pandemonium, helping to guide the dead to the afterlife. But Ben quickly discovers that there are terrifying forces keen to thwart the work of the Ministry and lead the newly-dead astray. And when Ben's mum suddenly becomes seriously ill, he questions whether he can continue with the important job he has been given. This spine-tingling, magical book is an exciting return for author Chris Westwood and a thrilling read from start to finish.

"A marvellously well-written thriller for older children"
Literary Review

"A deliciously spooky supernatural thriller – with real heart."

The Great and Dangerous

sequel to Ministry of Pandemonium

Cover copy:
Ben Harvester and Becky Sanborne have found their true calling at the Ministry of Pandemonium, guiding the souls of the newly-dead to the afterlife. But the enemy, the Lords of Sundown, still smarting from their catastrophic defeat at Halloween, are keen for revenge. The theft of thirteen souls on Bad Saturday heralds an all-out war . . . and little does Ben suspect how personal that war is about to become.

The Great and Dangerous is the second in the Ministry of Pandemonium series and picks up shortly after the events of the first book, with Ben Harvester working with his team Becky and Lu to continue their mission to guide the souls of the dead to the hereafter. However, the Lords of Sundown - the demon enemy of the ministry - have upped the stakes and made things personal. Something strange is happening at Ben and Becky's school, the ministry has a traitor in their midsts and more souls are being lost to the enemy through increasingly strange and violent events.

While I enjoyed the first book in the series, the second makes for an exciting and improved sequel! With a relentless pace and a number of exciting battles and twists, The Great and the Dangerous is a real page turner. Favourite characters from the first book such as Lu, Sukie and Becky take much more prominent roles while Ben continues to be an engaging, well developed protagonist... In sum, a thoroughly exciting second book in this supernatural horror series. If you liked the first book, you'll love the second!

LM Cowan, Amazon Vine reviewer